About Ian Curley

When executive chef Ian Curley comes home, he shifts gears from managing five restaurants, a few bars, a racing club, and other projects, into family mode with his partner Dr. Simone Bamford and their three girls, Cooper, 8, Cassidy, 6, and 10-month-old Cameron. The couple had their kitchen renovated to transform an awkward beige space into a clean and well-organised room, with easy-to-clean surfaces and reliable appliances.

Here, Curley shares the materials and design choices that make a home kitchen comfortable and functional for a professional chef, and shows us how he uses the space to get creative with food.

Creative Space at a Glance:
Name: Ian Curley
Age: 51
Occupation: Executive Chef at European, City Wine Shop, The Melbourne Supper Club, Siglo Rooftop Bar, French Saloon and Kirk’s Wine Bar, as well as Consulting Chef to Melbourne Racing Club
Location: Brighton, Victoria
What’s made here: Beautiful meals for friends and family